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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wildlife on the lake

I feel blessed to be able to look out at this beautiful lake we call home, and see wildlife migrating - or living here. The beautiful great blue herons and hawks among them.

Gorgeous red foxes, who dash away before I can take their picture, along with the shy but awesome kingfishers.

My spirit soars with my winged friends.

Cold snap continues this month, so no kayaking yet...but I will be out as soon as we reach the 50's again.

See you on the lake,

Monday, December 27, 2010

Dreaming of a White Christmas - and it appears!

First white Christmas for Lake Norman since 1947!! Check out the photos (if you don't see them here, click on 'View blog' below, and that will redirect you to the full photo blogspot site).

It's a winter wonderland that is rapidly melting in true North Carolina style.
But it has been just cold enough to stick around, looking pretty for the holiday festivities.

We got probably 4-5 inches of the fluffy whitemess that compacted pretty fast. The only downside is the black ice at night (and early morning) from daytime melting.

I just love photographing log homes & tall pines in snow - and there is usually very little opportunity to do that, given how quickly our snow melts.... if we get any at all.

The beauty part, for this transplanted northerner, is the fact that melting usually occurs so quickly that you don't need to own a snowblower. All the charm of a fluffy snowfall, without getting ice blocks for feet while pushing a big red machine.

Happy New Year to all - let's make it peaceful, healthy and prosperous!

See you on the lake,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It might sound strange to talk about the beach when a cold wind blows over the lake. But at Lake Norman, it is only temporary. Wait a day or two and we'll be back to mild.

In fact, the beach looked fabulous just a couple days ago for a winter stroll. Couples and children and dogs were out kicking sand & having a ball. The sun was low & golden in the sky, getting ready to give us one of our famous vermilion sunsets.

Ask us how you can live close to this beach on North Carolina's largest lake? It's surprisingly easy, and never less expensive than right now.
In fact, I can help you get a great house for under $200K only 4 minutes away.

Now THAT would be great gift to give yourself: the gift of lake living, I can't imagine a better one.

See you on the lake,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

**** YES! You CAN build a custom home. Starting at an incredibly low $179,900 - complete.****
YOUR CHANCE TO CUSTOMIZE A NEW HOME - on about 3/4 acre just 4 minutes from Lake Norman's only public beach - gorgeous!

  • No HOA to pay.
    The subdivision is Meadow Glen in Troutman, just off Perth Rd.
  • Low taxes and easy access to the lake at the State Park.
  • Just think - a new custom home on 3/4 acre close to prime commuting with a country feel - for less than 180K.
  • Many other lots available, many with streams running behind them.

Don't listen to the *nay* sayers: Yes, you CAN get a land & construction loan, and we have the financial contacts you need.
**NOTE: Builder will consider holding your construction loan - saving you $$$ in bank fees!!!**

2-story homes or ranch plans - available with many floor plans choices - add basements and/or bonus rooms, or not, according to budget.

Call or text with questions - for builder contact info or directions to the lots: 704.582.1312

See you on the lake - or just down the street in this pretty subdivision,

Friday, October 15, 2010

Your Chance To See What This Builder Can Do....

You may not be able to afford a waterfront estate like the one we have listed for sale...but you can come tour it for techniques and materials that could be used in a much smaller home.

The builder/owner, G&G Builders of Maryland and Lake Norman, specializies in using their high-end expertise in many different price ranges. This builder can build you a home for $179,900 including land...or he can sell you this beautiful waterfront home for $1,120,000. Either way, come see... to check out how good he is, and to get ideas.

:::9168 Fair Oak Dr., Sherrills Ford - in the beautiful Northview Harbour subdivision. Just call for an appointment.:::

We have many local area lots for sale that we could tell you about if you are looking to build soon. All kinds of price ranges. In fact, there is one next door to the house you will be touring - one of the last waterfront lots in Northview Harbour. We also have lots in Troutman from $28-$40K.

Of course if you want this waterfront home, we can arrange that too!

See you on the lake,

Saturday, September 4, 2010


That's what my sister called them whe she was a little tyke, and the name stuck. They DO *flutter by*....And the ones here at Lake Norman are stocking up on the nectar of my favorite blooms.

You don't have to plant butterfly bushes to attract our fluttery friends. There are lots of perennials that the pretty creatures like to sip from. The Monarch in the photos is sipping on a perennial called Leucothoe. It's a great southern plant, hardy for whatever winter does to us - loves full sun for at least part of the day.

Another good one for butterflies - though they were shy & vanished when I took the photo - is the only variety of lantana hardy for the Piedmont. It is Lantana 'Mrs.Huff', which has a very distinctive flower of multicolors. In the same bloom, you'll find random & delightful shades of pink, yellow and orange.

You can plant a small one from the nursery and it will grow nicely over the summer, feeding the butterflies, and then disappear altogether in the winter. Right to the ground. But don't forget where you put it. Because it'll be back in late spring - and each year, it gets to be more and more like a small shrub filled with a bounty of color.

See you on the lake,

Friday, August 20, 2010

Feeding the (Humming) Birds...

We have a hummingbird feeder hanging from a decorative hook just off the screened porch.
Right where we can see the amazing little creatures when they come in to drink. Love their little chirrup sound as they swoop in!

Don't buy a prepared mix - it usually has food coloring that the little guys can do without - plus making it yourself is cheaper and "greener."

The proportions are always 4:1 (water: sugar) I usually microwave 1 cup of water for about 35 seconds (enough to make the water hot enough to dissolve sugar, but not blasting hot).
Then mix in 1/4 cup sugar til dissolved. That's it!

You can rinse out the nectar bottle with plain water with a little cider vinegar mixed in (not soap).

Did you know that new research shows that a few hummers spend the winter in the Carolinas? So some people are leaving their feeders up. Read about it at Carolina Bird Club. They say we who live by the lake have a greater chance of seeing a few winter over.

See you on the lake,