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Friday, August 20, 2010

Feeding the (Humming) Birds...

We have a hummingbird feeder hanging from a decorative hook just off the screened porch.
Right where we can see the amazing little creatures when they come in to drink. Love their little chirrup sound as they swoop in!

Don't buy a prepared mix - it usually has food coloring that the little guys can do without - plus making it yourself is cheaper and "greener."

The proportions are always 4:1 (water: sugar) I usually microwave 1 cup of water for about 35 seconds (enough to make the water hot enough to dissolve sugar, but not blasting hot).
Then mix in 1/4 cup sugar til dissolved. That's it!

You can rinse out the nectar bottle with plain water with a little cider vinegar mixed in (not soap).

Did you know that new research shows that a few hummers spend the winter in the Carolinas? So some people are leaving their feeders up. Read about it at Carolina Bird Club. They say we who live by the lake have a greater chance of seeing a few winter over.

See you on the lake,

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