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Friday, January 25, 2008

Cold Morning, plenty of wildlife...

Take a look at the wildlife I spotted on this 20-degree morning. This hawk is a regular visitor. Her wingspan as she floats close to our huge lakeside windows makes her look like some kind of prehistoric bird.

Much of the wildlife is too shy to photograph: great blue herons fly past on lumbering wings, then land on a sandbar, to stand and stare for hours, stabbing fish and the occasional frog with their beaks... or the kingfishers that live in a nearby ravine, with nests they dig under tree roots on the red clay slopes. Birds in underground burrows is such a bizarre thought, but that is what they do. The kingfishers suddenly appear as flashes of blue and white as they skim out to catch fish.

There are a pair of foxes whose thick brushy tails look like something out of Walt Disney. Two mornings ago, they were standing on our (still green) lawn, with their tails held straight out, as they looked up at our barking dogs in the front windows.

A blue sky day on the lake,


cattywampus said...

Hey, you've been getting some pretty cold mornings there. How come the lake doesn't freeze? Do you have any pictures of that?
We would actually consider relocating, especially with all the NASCAR stuff taking place in your area, if we can also fish all year.

Eloise said...

Hey, good to hear from you again, cattywampus. No, the water never freezes - mornings at 32 or below usually quickly warm up - and yes, you can fish all year in between NASCAR events.

Did you know Mooresville is also the home of Pit Crew University? I actually went there during the National Championships - what a blast!

This morning we saw more fishing boats on the water than usual...so spring fishing has begun. There is a national Bass Fishing Tournament on Lake Norman every spring - so I think the local fisherfolk are starting to gear up for that.