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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Real gully washers yesterday! But what a treat to see the plants drink up the water and the lake level look refreshed. And the cool air coming in from our covered porches is heavenly.

One of the best things about living on the lake - in any kind of home - is having a screened porch, where you can watch the rain, read, eat or sleep outside. It is the ultimate in luxury, and when I am advising clients I always advise them to look for a spacious screened porch. At least a covered one that can be screened later. We don't really have as many mosquitos as I remember back up north, but it is nice to serve food to your guests without any bugs at all, or the possibility of any.

One of the things that surprsies our northern visitors is that in order to be sure of this, the best screened porches are screened below the decking as well as the sides. Keeps any little buggers from crawling up and in.

Enjoy the cool air on the lake,

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