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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I thought it was spring,,but

.....it's chilly on the lake and onshore today, & we are going to get cold rain for the next few days.
For the past week, we've had gorgeous weather - just yesterday in the upper 70's - and the boats were out! Fishermen and joy riders, just like the lead-up to Memorial Day. Awesome to see.
But we can always use the rain that is a coming...to water all the stuff I planted yesterday!

See you on the lake,


Diane Aurit said...

I just planted too so am actually glad we are having a bit of rain. I love your photos...beautiful!

Eloise said...

Thanks, Diane! You can also find my photos in LKN Currents magazine (not this month, but last month's Tim Shaefer story and Daveste Vineyards story)and coming Mar.31st, a story about bathroom remodeling in Lake Norman Magazine.

What did you plant???
See you on the lake,