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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Deep Red Spring Blushes on Lake Norman

One of the most beautiful spring 'blooms' in North Carolina isn't a flower at all.

But it looks like it, doesn't it? These are the bright scarlet leaves at my dock, the new growth of native 'Redtips' (Photinia).

Many, if not most, redtips were killed off in the 50's by a nasty blight, and only in the past few years have hybridizers like Monrovia (big name plant breeders) come up with a blight-resistant variety.

You can still see very tall hedges of native redtips here and there, but I found these plants more than 3 years ago in Walmart of all places. Glad I grabbed them because I haven't seen them sold since. These are growing happily by my dock, and are my first bright harbingers of spring in the beautiful piedmont!

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