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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tip of the day:
Did you know that many property locations here in NC are rural enough that they qualify for a 100% USDA loan for the buyer? That is one of the special government loans you have probably read about. Here's the link a lot of people don't know about:
Check out the property you are interested in at
I have 4 homes listed in MLS that qualify for this loan: 2 in Denver and 2 in Mooresville. Several are log homes and one is a big brick beauty. All are located close to lots of amenities, so it is not as if they are in the boonies!!

Let me know if you want more info and see you on the lake!


Lake Norman said...

Would this apply to just the northern section of the lake? I assume the southern portion (cornelius) is too developed.

Eloise said...

In general, yes, Cornelius and Huntersville aren't 'rural' enough - but I'll bet even some of their outlying areas are! Keep in mind that if you are interested in a location, I can look it up for you (and show you the property too, not to mention introduce you to a great financing person). Or you can check it out yourself by following the link in this post to the USDA site and entering the address you are interested in. The USDA site will tell you definitively....