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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Logs Keep Their Cool

Have you ever wondered why it is that log homes keep in the cool air conditioned air so well...and keep out the cold in winter?

A lot of it has to do with the tree's natural rings, which, any school kid can tell you, swirl around and around, deep within the log. You could think of it as any temperature transference getting 'short circuited' by those concentric rings in the log's pithy center.

A well-built log home should perform as well or better than brick or stone in energy conservation. As the builder of the home in the photos is fond of saying - you could build several stick-built homes out of just one of the walls of this home - that is if you wanted to mill all those logs into boards!

This 3/4 bedroom 2 bath home is on the market, by the way. Asking price is $319,997 .

The home's location is in a lovely country setting (eligible for 100% USDA financing) but close to all the major Mooresville amenities, which are only a minute or two away! Lake access only a few minutes down the street.

Affordable, newer-construction log homes are few and far between on Lake Norman.
If you're interested, call 704.582.1312, and ask for me,


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