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Monday, December 17, 2007

Get ready to ask your relocation questions...

Welcome to Blogging on the Lake!

For those who don't know, Lake Norman is North Carolina's largest lake with more than 520 miles of shoreline and more registered boats than coastal NC. Fed by the Catawba River, it provides hydro power to the Piedmont. A fabulous place to live - and hang onto your hats, northeasterners - the water never freezes and there is boating year round. Bizarre and wacky, I know. As former residents of Maine, NH, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, first we were startled, then we were delighted to see boats out in December and January, and it will be one of North Carolina's cool little surprises for you, too.

As for me - I am Eloise, specialist in lake land and homes for LKN Realty Group in Davidson. Even our office is on the lake. My goal is to help others find their dream home in this part of NC. My husband and I designed and built our dream log home here - a goal that seemed impossible, even at the time we were doing it (it's a long story don't ask, don't ask) - but we achieved it. As a result, we know the premier craftsmen for log homes. But it doesn't matter what kind of home you want, I can find it. This is literally the land of opportunity.

It's an area rich with resources, and some relative land bargains can still be had for those who would like to invest here. I have the pleasure of working in a group of people so interested in land that we literally can find pretty much whatever you might want. This is hard to imagine for people from states where the land along waterways rarely comes available. I won't say things are exactly cheap here anymore - or as plentiful as they once were - but they are way more affordable than you might think.

So - especially those of you from other parts of the country - ask me your questions - about climate, life in a log home or on the lake. My hubby is a meteorologist, so I have the best in resource information there,too.

See you on the lake,

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