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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Log home on the lake

What could be more wonderful than being in a cozy log home in the rain? That lovely patter on the roof, with a fire in the stone fireplace and a nice hot cup of coffee...There could be no better holiday gift than being alive to enjoy this.

Maybe it's because it brings out the child in all of us - the delight in everything fresh and new. Our log home on the lake makes you feel as if you are in a treehouse. You can hear the rain pattering and sometimes lashing against the tall windows; you can see immense pine trees swaying in the wind. You can watch as each gust blows across the lake. It's immediate and in-your-face, yet you are safe inside.

The new breed of log homes are as cosy as the old fashioned log cabin, but very different in feel. A lot of people are surprised by that. Contemporary log homes are light and airy, not dark. It's the vaulted ceilings and walls of windows that make the difference. We designed ours to take advantage of the view, and since our builder is the only one around with the training you'd normally find in Montana, we could make the house any shape we wanted to maximize window placement.

Right now, multicolored lights glow on the iron railings and reflect in the puddles of water on the deck. A gift after months of drought.

A warm and wonderful holiday to all,

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