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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blogger on the lake wishes you a Happy New Year

Last two days have been lovely and mild. The cold snap has broken, and we even had 70 degrees on one of the days. 60's in the AM. How fantastic is it to go out on your deck with coffee in early January? Well, okay, you don't stay there a long time, but still...pretty great.

I've set up a special yahoo email for those who don't want to just plunge in and join the blog (though I sure would like that, hint, hint) - and so far have gotten one comment. (BTW it's livingonlakenorman@yahoo.com ) The question was anonymous and that's fine - it was: how can you find land and then build when you don't already live in NC?

Quickest way I can answer that is to say that no matter where you are, as a licensed agent, I can set you up a personal web page that emails you your own private screening of properties that meet your requirements & desires. I am working with a couple of people this way now. One of them is in England. When you become serious about something, you probably want to visit NC to be sure of everything and arrange to close the deal. (And I don't bite, so come on down.)

As far as beginning the log building process goes, I can set you up with everyone you'll need to make your dream house happen.

If you're buying land, you don't need to relocate yet. Buy the land first, and begin planning. That's what we did.

Hey, Happy New Year. And remember that dreams CAN come true...



cattywampus said...

Okay Blogger, I suppose this is a strange question, but what do you do about furniture in a log cabin? I mean you don't just bring in the stuff you used in your old house, do you? I picture that you must have to get all new furniture to go with the look. Rustic stuff with antlers, you know.

Just wondering.

Bob Child said...

Is it safe to assume that by enlisting your "search" help, you are able to find more properties with up-to-date information than I can from website search engines for non-agents? Just curious and dreaming. Got to win the lottery first! ;-)

Eloise said...

Thanks for a great question, Bob. Yes! I can absolutely access more search info than you can as a non agent. That's why I pay the big bucks in MLS fees for various regions. But the other thing is that our agency has so many contacts in the community that we tend to find out about the really juicy stuff way before it is ever even listed. So if I'm 'looking' for you, I am literally trolling the waters in places that you wouldn't have access to, and you get to find out if you are interested before other people do.

And depending on your price range, maybe you WOULDN'T have to win the lottery first....


Eloise said...

Hey Cattywampus,

Not a strange question at all. One of my biggest complaints with the log magazines, gorgeous as they are, is that all they seem to show is antler furniture, bentwood and mooseheads.

Some of the most spectacular log homes I have ever seen have been in other styles. Contemporary, for example.

I will include here a panorama I made of our builder's greatroom that has more of an antique furniture style - note how great it looks.

Arts and crafts style is another great one. In fact, one of the log homes currently for sale has arts and crafts detail. I've included that photo too.

You can't believe how versatile logs are, especially combined with other materials like lots of large, contempoary windows, and detail in stone, stucco, shake and brick. I know of one home that combines all of those, inside and out, with whole walls of stone and stucco on the outside.

My house is built of "D" logs, which means they are round on the outside and flat for the walls inside. Did you know that "D" is one of over 100 profiles of log that you can get - not to mention variation in species, from yellow pine to cedar to spruce.

Ours is spruce that was harvested "dead standing" from the forests of the west - which means that the trees had already died. Our order essentially cleared them away so that new trees could come up in their place. A lovely thought when you like the idea of being as "green" as you can.