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Friday, March 7, 2008

Land Search 101

Okay, bloggers....for those of you too shy to write a comment on the blog, here's a new feature:
Land Search 101! I have a photo here of the least expensive waterfront lot we can take you to see - gorgeous.

I have heard from a dozen people over the past 2 weeks who are looking for land that they can afford, meaning that it needs to be somewhere under 100K, and often under 60K. You're not going to get on the water for that, but I MIGHT find you a good waterVIEW lot.

I have a photo here of one that is actually waterview - imagine once the height of a house is built and you're looking out from there, and some trees & undergrowth are cleared! But it is not being marketed as waterview, because what do you want to bet - the realtors haven't walked it.

Well, that's where our realty group is a little different. I've walked this, and have taken a number of people out to see it. It s a great way to get the benefits of the lake, yet not pay such a high price (yet!)

Now, if you head away from the lake into the surrounding countryside, there are treats galore that await. Take a look at this beautiful landscape of fields and hillsides. There is a lot on this country road that is listed at less than 30K.

Let me take you out to see it. Imagine the value of this in the future - and all within a short drive of water access. The best of both worlds.

See you on or off lake,

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