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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The lake is happy today - you can smell how freshly washed the air is, and the plants are extra green with delight.

We had a soaker of a rain last night - tremendous bolts of lightning, and thunder enough to shake the house.

This morning the kingfishers are flying happily out of their burrows in the ravine next to us. They dig deep earthen burrows in the sheer clay sides of gullies, and emerge from these to fish. They'll have young ones in there to feed pretty soon now.

Anyway, they're zooming low over the surface of the water to fish, makng their distinctive clicking call as they go. Their sound has been compared to a rusty hinge, and I see why, since it is penetrating - but it's really a nicer sound that that.
There's one surveying the water from the branch of a tall pine as I write this, so observant but so shy he'll take off as soon as I get in camera range.

See you on the lake as the sun comes out,

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