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Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's not just the lake that is happy - the woods nearby are freshly washed, leaves have unfurled and are still that luminescent spring green.

Look at this vista. Great place for a firepit, too...and there's a deck and log house overlooking this pretty view. We have everything here at the lake - not just miles of water, but pristine acres of woods.
And hey - this panorama of hills and trees could be yours. Ask me how you can get this slice of nature for your own private vista, and I promise to share....Imagine kicking back and looking out at this panorama. (For those who don't know - drop me a line: Eloise@lknrealtygroup.com )

It is a great value and just minutes from boat access. Don't let the privacy fool you - it is also just moments from NC 16.

See you around the lake,

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