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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fall on Lake Norman :Awesome Panorama of Color

It's the magnificence of creation, altering its colors every moment with the fast moving fall sun.

The leaves around the lake have peaked into the intense reds of dogwood, red maple, hickory, sourwood, and some oaks...punctuated by shouts of yellow and gold from other oak species, striped maples, and tulip poplars, with the deep green of pines and hollies. All grow taller here than in the northeastern states. A feast for the eyes.

I am not sure it would be possible to love the lake as much without the spectacular blast of color in fall....

Mornings dawn cool, even cold, down to 48 degrees. But by afternoon, it is frequently 70, calling for layers of clothing that you can throw off at midday. When morning rolls around again, the residual heat means that gorgeous cats paws of fog rise over the lake. They weave and crest around moored boats, past docks, and in front of spectacular foliage.

Rejoicing on the lake,

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