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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Something's going on.

Maybe people have just gotten tired of waiting, and of all the bad news.

Anyway, I just sold a brand new log home on 2 acres of land. The one pictured next to this post. Yes, in this economy. Yes, the sales price was a little less than the builder could have gotten a year or two ago. But not by a lot.

And I have been getting calls from other people looking - not just for homes on the lake, but in the lake area. I think I've spotted a new trend: baby boomers who are looking to downsize, pay cash, and not have a mortgage. About half of them want to continue working. I think that's a great new trend.

So, all is not the doom and gloom the media would have you believe. And this lake holds its value, even in the worst market anyone has ever seen.
Just remember: you are what you think and believe.
I believe this a strong area to live in, and that real estate continues to be a good investment going into the future. There are always people who want this lifestyle, and I believe always will be.

See you on the lake,

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