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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just Peachy

The essence of summer on the lake?

For me, it's the peaches from South Carolina. Delicate white peaches (careful, they bruise easily) and classic yellow peaches. So juicy you have to eat them over the sink, with the juices dripping down your hand. It's like eating liquid summer sunshine.
There's nothing like it, and you'll remember it with longing in the dead of winter.

At the lake, we have a direct pipeline to an orchard in S. Carolina. For a short season, each and every day, the ladies at a certain peach stand in Denver bring up the finest, newly picked golden gems right from their orchards.

The place is located on NC 16 (business route) across from So. Pilot Knob. You open the door to this little shop, and a wave of peach fragrance wafts over you and into your pores.
You just want to bathe in that fragrance.

$5.50 gets you a "small" sack of golden goodness, stuffed with more than 20 peaches.

Take some home & enjoy...and see you on the lake,

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