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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shadows are getting longer...and fall is in the air. Plus, of course, there are fewer hours of daylight. The hummingbirds are among the first to leave, along with big noisy V's of Canada geese. I confess to enjoying the last of summer over the last month, swimming and transplanting perennials, rather than writing in this blog ...

A lovely feature of lake lifestyle has to do with the glowing effect of lighted houses at dusk near the water. I think it brings to mind comfort and safety, even in these strange times. The nights are not as full of cicadas and peepers, bullfrogs and tree frogs - all of which make a symphony of sound during the summer. But there is a cold breeze off the water and there are lots of cracklings and rustlings out there in the dark woods - sometimes it's almost spooky when you sit in the dark on your screened porch.

People seem to be staying inside, not driving as much - the mood is somber as people wonder when the housing market will recover. As a realtor, I can tell you that we have some amazing lake homes available - and never again will we see these prices. So many people want to move here -that hasn't changed.

I love finding the best deals for people - so don't be afraid to make a little noise out there. Did you know that it is your right in NC to ask me to be your buyer's agent? And that it costs you nothing to do this? In fact, it means I will be your extra set of eyes and ears. It's statistically true that agents help buyers negotiate the best price possible 9 times out of 10. So don't go it alone. I can help.

See you on the lake,

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