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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Outdoor Living all year in NC

Last night temps dropped, and it is chilly ( that is, chilly for here. In New England, my friends would choke with laughter at the idea that 'in the 50's' is "chilly"! But as I say, living here has made me a wimp, and proud of it.)

One of my favorite things about North Carolina is the concept of outdoor living - I know it's popular everywhere these days, but here you really get to do it. Pretty much year 'round. Thus the popularity of the screened porch.
And of course, the ever-popular outdoor living space with its stone fireplace and kitchen.
I visited a particularly beautiful one this week - a lovely outdoor patio and kitchen with a double-sided hearth that you can enjoy from the patio or from the screened porch "inside". Weather in the 50's is perfect for this, especially with our legendary carolina blue skies.

See you on the lake, or by the hearth,

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